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Bali - My Must Do's

While on my trip through South East Asia I had to make a stop in Bali! Practically every person I met that had gone to Bali raved about it, so I had to find out what all the fuss was about. There, I had a wonderful experience exploring the whole island with Steph and thankfully he know's how to handle a motorcycle... A scooter is an absolute necessity if you want your freedom in Bali but things do get pretty crazy on the road... Experienced Drivers Only! 

Bali, has become quite the tourist attraction and beware, some places have lost their authenticity, but it hasn't lost that bit of charm. I would recommend visiting the island during low season where you will find a more chill environment. Here is a taste of the places and activities that really made this trip unique for me... 

Have lunch at Kynd

Kynd is definitely my favorite place in Bali. I try to follow a more plant based diet and while traveling it isn’t always easy to find good, innovative and tasty vegan dishes, which is why I fell in love with Kynd. Their menu is so varied and original, but also beautifully presented - great for photo ops ;) and let’s not forget extremely Tasty!!! To top it off the cool atmosphere of the restaurant and the lovely staff makes it the Kyndest place in Bali.

Work on your tan at Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua is one of the biggest beaches in Bali with it’s long stretches of soft sand and the Water Blow at one end. I recommend taking a day to relax there, tan, swim and watch the waves break hard on the shore rocks. Maybe even sip on a cocktail at one of the beach hotels.

Get tattooed at Deus ex Machina

Deus ex Machina is one of the coolest brands / cultures around the globe. From custom motorcycles to surfboards and clothing, their Bali location has a little something extra which is their restaurant and lounge.

Deus get’s crazy fun on Tuesdays for what they call “TACOS-N-TATT-TUESDAYS” where you can get a tattoo done for the price of two tacos. 

The list to put your name down for a Tat opens at 6pm and people start arriving and lining up at 3pm… so be prepared for chaos. It really is survival of the sneakiest.

If you dont make it, not to worry, Deus is a great place to hang out, have a beer or a cocktail in their outdoor patio with some great music and a lively crowd.

Recharge your batteries in an infinity pool in Ubud

Ubud is The destination for a more inland and “green” vacation in Bali. While it’s gotten pretty touristy over the years I would still recommend going for a few days and staying at one of the hotels with infinity pools overlooking the jungle and monkey forest. The hotels that I really enjoyed were the Hanging Gardens and the Pertiwi Bisma 1. The atmosphere is super relaxing. I made sure to keep it low key with good food, tanning by the pool, one or two waterfall visits and many, many spa treatments!!!

A fun activity that will blow your mind while staying in Ubud is the Sunrise Hike up Mount Batur.

Hike Mount Batur

It’s 2am and already the alarm goes off, it’s time to get ready to hike up an active volcano - Mount Batur, which last erupted in 2000 and has an elevation of 1,717 meters. Steph and I were taken to the foot of the mountain where Katut, our wonderful guide, met us with coffee and tea. When we were done it was time to get moving. Barely awake it’s 4am and freezing because we didn’t figure temperatures dropped so low (too early to think straight), we’re now climbing in total darkness on a path illuminated by nothing but our flashlights and the sound of Katut making jokes. We hike up for about 2 hours with a few breaks for water and the occasional banana. Once arrived at the top the sun was making it’s way out of the horizon, giving us one of the most spectacular views we had ever seen. Katut brought coffee for Steph and hot chocolate for me along with our breakfast. I gotta say this was the best breakfast view I had ever had. 

A word of advice - bring warm clothes! While it is very hot in Bali and the hike will make you sweat, don’t forget you are at a high altitude and temperature drop drastically.

What made this hike amazing other than the pink and orange views was Katut who was very attentive to our needs, spoke very good english and was so much fun. His services are truly unique and I would strongly recommend him to whomever decides to do the Sunrise Hike up Mount Batur -

Spend a day in Echo Beach, Canggu

With it’s black volcanic sands and cool surf vibes Echo beach is The place to be to catch some good waves and hang out. So take a surf lesson or two (if you don’t already know how to) and have a cold beer afterwards with some seafood or tapas at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach. It really is one of the coolest beach spots in Bali. 

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